Structure and conditions



We work with the applicants in three main areas:

  • Financing of legal protection
  • Problematic assets management
  • Working with the patents

Based on the basic rules of our business, the most important of which are the requirements for minimizing our risks and taking into account the increased cost of the capital, working in the investment sphere, we nevertheless remain flexible in making decisions on a case-by-case basis.

The main rule in our activity is to receive investment income from the operations of the Fund as well as the growth of assets under its management.

This may happen only as a result of successful investments. Unlike other funds, which in case of unfavorable market conditions lose only part of their value (in fact, the portfolio of stocks, bonds, banking metals and other exchange-traded assets will almost never fall to zero marks), our investment capital invested in the particular case, expires if the case is lost. Assuming the risk of legal protection financing, we, according to our policy, do not require from the applicant the reimbursement of funds, invested by us.

However, our managers are authorised to raise the issue of partial non-financial advance payment of our expenses. One of our specializations is the management of the illiquid assets and we can structure the transaction in such a way that the transfer of this class of assets to the Fund’s position will be credited as an advance payment. At the same time, we emphasize that this is neither necessary nor sufficient condition for starting work with the Fund. The main investment income of the Fund, which our shareholders expect from us, is cash proceeds from won trials and successful management of problematic and illiquid assets. At the same time, the aspect of our activity that is not subject to discussion is that we are not participating in the process, we only invest in it. Further, upon the adoption of the investment decision, we hire one of the law firms of our choice for further legal protection. We do not interfere in the activities of lawyers and do not give them any instructions, just as the company that provided you with a leased car, does not advise you how to drive it. We only provide capital for legal protection, but we do not stand as a party in litigation. This is the investment idea of ELF Capital.

All documents signed between the applicant and the Fund are governed by the rules of English law and are subject to review only in a London court.

We comply with all tax requirements of the country of registration and expect the same from the applicants. We do not minimize taxes and do not participate in financial schemes aimed at avoiding taxes.