Our Assistance


The main objective of the Fund is the selection and hiring of law firms and their inclusion in the arbitration process so that the assets subject to dispute were unlocked as quickly as possible and used for the needs of the enterprise and for the increase of the Fund's investment income. We consider the selection of the judicial cases for financing with the same care as other investment fund managers consider the selection of stocks and bonds. That is, the claims of enterprises and their arbitration proceedings are the assets of the Fund. What does this mean for you? We can assist to the companies, corporate lawyers and law firms. Types of our assistance are disclosed more detaily in this section of the site. The range of assistance provided by our Fund is very wide - from the direct financing of invoices issued by law firms for participation in the process to the financial solutions aimed at addressing of the very subject of the dispute. Examples of such assistance, can also be found in this section. The information, concerning the basic parameters and the order of our investment is also represented there. When we are talking about the assistance, we would like to emphasize that, relying upon our own resources, we are not expecting any financing from your side. We can quickly make a decision on the allocation of funds for participation in a particular process. Given that we somehow need time to study your proposal, we are ready, given the current legal practice, prepare a letter and send it to the court with a request to postpone consideration of the case. So that you can better understand the Fund's investment policy, we recommend you, before you contact us, read the section "FAQs". This will help you to understand the specifics of the Fund and to select the most appropriate financing option you. Those individuals and corporations especially benefit from the cooperation with specialized funds, similar to ours, whose opponents are large corporations, banks, insurance companies and influential government organizations or government. Under normal circumstances, the actual rights of such persons in the court are limited by the inability to adequately confront to the well-funded legal team, representing the opposite side. Cooperation with EUROPEAN LITIGATION FUND provides access to justice for persons with legitimate claims, but do not have the financial resources for their high-quality legal protection.