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The participation in litigation of any kind is a complex, slow and risky venture. The costs incurred to such participation are not just high, they are often unpredictable. It often turns out that a case that seems to be winning at first glance, turns out not to be such at a deeper examination. The usual practice for business people is to require the availability of alternatives when entering any business, any enterprise. A smart businessman will conduct not only the search of alternatives from all points of view, he also will explore the options of how to enter this or that enterprise with the smallest resources, having received, nevertheless, the planned result. EUROPEAN LITIGATION FUND proposes just this option as the alternative to personal participation in litigation process.


Usually, the businessmen turn to us in the following situations:

  • They can not afford to pay the lawyer they would like to hire;
  • Their financial situation does not allow them to bear the costs of their legal protection;
  • They need not only (not so much) the legal solution of the problem. They need rather the financial decision. Perhaps they need the solution at the junction of two directions - financial and legal;
  • They are not prepared to divert resources from the core business to protect a blocked asset or asset in respect of which the litigation is conducted and at the same time they are not prepared to lose the asset itself;
  • They have no experience of opposing the raider or other power seizure of their assets. “White Knight line of defense is the specialization of our partnering fund – East Prospect Capital.